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Top Doctors 2021

Nashville is a city known to have some of the best healthcare providers and medical centers in the country. But with so many amazing options it's easy to get overwhelmed when picking a doctor. To help narrow down your search, Nashville Lifestyle Magazine partnered with Castle Connelly Medical, Ltd. to bring you a list of Nashville region experts, as nominated by their peers.

Dr. Cory Calendine, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon with the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee has once again been nominated by his peers as a Nashville region 'Top Doctor'. You can visit the Castle Connolly Top Doctors website for a complete list of 2021 honorees.

Cory Calendine, MD receives Castle Connolly 2021 Top Doctor Award

Why Castle Connolly Top Doctors Make a Difference

When choosing a healthcare provider, look for the trusted Castle Connolly name.

Looking for the best doctors to care for you or a loved one can be overwhelming and stressful. When it comes to medical care, excellence and expertise are crucially important. Inferior care can have costly and damaging results. Too often, patients simply don’t know how to find the right doctor.

Castle Connolly takes this challenge seriously. For over 25 years patients have turned to us as the official source of Top Doctors to find trusted, quality care. Our list, which covers all 50 states and all major specialties, is based on nominations from doctors themselves. Although we ask physicians to consider many criteria when nominating their fellow providers, the premise is simple - as a doctor, where would you go if you needed care?

Our physician-led research team then thoroughly screens each nomination to ensure that every Top Doctor selection meets Castle Connolly’s rigorous standards. Castle Connolly Top Doctors do not pay to receive this elite designation.

Doctors with deeper expertise - higher procedure volumes, access to advanced diagnostic and treatment options, and those leading cutting-edge research - are proven to have better patient outcomes. For example, in one study of 10,343 gastric bypass surgeries published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the top 25% of surgeons had a complication rate of 5.2% versus 14.5% for the bottom 25% of surgeons. Quality care matters. At Castle Connolly, it’s our goal to connect patients with these best-in-class providers.

Many other sites and publications either list all practicing physicians, regardless of clinical quality, or only list doctors who pay to be promoted. Castle Connolly has no conflicts of interest and is able to provide an unbiased directory that consumers can rely on.

About Cory Calendine, MD and The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee

The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee in Franklin, Tennessee

Cory Calendine, M.D., is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing anterior hip replacement, robotic joint replacement, and partial and total knee replacement. Dr. Calendine received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, and completed a residency in orthopaedic surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He completed his fellowship training in adult reconstruction of the hip and knee at the world-renowned Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. He has expertise in Mako RIO robotic-arm assisted surgery as well as revision hip and knee replacement, knee arthroscopy (knee scope) and treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. Dr. Calendine currently serves as chief of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery for Williamson Medical Center, where he often hosts national and international visiting surgeons who come to learn about latest techniques and advancements in orthopaedic surgery.

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Cory Calendine, MD is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and founding partner of the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee at Williamson County Hospital in Franklin, TN. Dr. Calendine is an expert in Joint Replacement, specializing in Hip and Knee Surgery. From diagnosis through treatment, the Orthopaedic Surgical experts at the Bone and Joint Institute use the latest techniques and technology to improve care for people with musculoskeletal problems. For more information, please contact our office or schedule your appointment today.  

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