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AI Software for High-Quality Surgical Video


AI-enabled Video Editors

1. RunwayML - video editing with machine learning, without any coding

Runway is a comprehensive video editing software that can streamline the entire video editing process right from the user’s browser. Runway's wide variety of tools include masking, color correction, composting, generation and VFX. Easily remove video background or use Inpainting to automatically remove objects from your video. Real-time previews and fast rendering in various formats (including PNG, ProRes) at 4K resolution makes complete video editing easier and faster.

Top Video Editing Features:

  • Video stabilization
  • Easily remove video background
  • Upscale photos to 4K
  • AI-Inpainting removes objects from videos
  • Blur Faces/Identifying Information with 1-click

2. Descript - Text-based video editing, podcast recording/production

Fix mistakes and edit video by typing what you wish you had said. Upload media or record directly in Descript to instantly transcribe, then tweak the text to directly edit your video clips. Fast transcriptions automatic speaker detection. Edit out filler words and silence gaps with a single click.

Top Video Editing Features:

  • Text-based editing speeds video editing process
  • Automatic speaker detection
  • Create AI-clone of your voice of overdubbing
  • Remove "filler" words with 1-click
  • Automatic audio gap removal

3. Adobe Premiere Pro - Comprehensive video editing software

Adobe Premiere is my top voice for video editor. although it contains far more editing tools and ability than most of us will even learn or need. Adobe is a full suite of editing tools and is capable of delivering professional-level video editing. Adobe has recently expanded the AI-enabled features available within Premiere Pro. If Premiere seems too intimidating initially, check-out Adobe Express - for high-powered mobile editing.

Top Video Editing Features:

  • Text-based video editing
  • AI-based color matching (match color from 2-separate video clips)
  • 1-click green screen removal/editing
  • Dynamic captions
  • AI audio remix (see Adobe Podcast)
  • 4K/3D/VR editing capabilities

4. AVCLabs Video Upscaling Software

AI video enhancer provides a general model for improving video enhancement for most older or lower-quality videos. Its denoise solution can remove the noise and artifact of videos and make them clear and brand new. Easily convert 1080p or lower quality video footage to 4K+ resolution.

Top Features:

  • AI auto enhancement
  • Supports 30+ video formats
  • Batch processing
  • Colorize black/white video

5. Topaz Video AI Upscaling Software

Topaz Video AI uses machine learning to ensure that the video quality of the original footage isn’t only retained but actually improved by adding crisp and natural video details. Closely comparable to AVCLabs product listed above. I have used both upscaling softwares with excellent results. Neither seems to have a strong advantage over the other, and I don't see any use case for both - choose one.

6. Canva Design/Creative Platform

Canva is a complete design tool for anyone who isn’t an experienced designer. Most people see it as an image design tool, but it has video applications as well. From resizing to adding graphics, texts and incorporating templates, Canva offers a suite of tools that can assist with creative video editing and sharing. New AI tools within canva allow background removal, color grading of photo/video and AI-assisted writing tasks.

Top Design/Creative Features:

  • 420,000+ Templates
  • 75+ Million Stock Videos/Photos
  • AI-Writing Assist
  • Automatic Video Resizing

7. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a capable and welcoming template-based tool for creating attractive online video, photo and graphic content quickly. Faster to learn and use and much less intimidating than Adobe Premiere Pro, Express includes templates, stock images/video, and useful image/video editing features. Express is Adobe's answer to Canva (design platform mentioned above).

Top Design/Creative Features:

  • Basic Video Editing Capabilities
  • Video Resizing
  • Templates
  • Stock Photo/Video Access
  • Brand Kit
  • Mobile/Desktop

*BONUS: Envato Elements

Technically NOT an AI-enabled product but Envato can definitely help upgrade your video production. Envato is an unlimited subscription service for digital assets, that can be leveraged to improve video editing/production. From video templates, stock HD video and photo, and music license, Envato is an excellent asset resource.

  • Video Templates
  • Custom Fonts
  • 4K Stock Video/Photo
  • 3D Assets
  • Sound Effects
  • Web/CMS Templates

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