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Country Music Star Lauren Jenkins on Hip Replacement at 30


First Steps After Hip Replacement at 30 Years Old

Lauren Jenkins People After Hip Replacement at 30

'Chronic Pain Is No Joke'

Country musician Lauren Jenkins knew she couldn't ignore the pain any longer. What she didn't know if how she could possibly fit a total hip replacement into her already hectic life.

"When you're a touring artist, you're just grinding all the time," says Jenkins, 30, during a recent interview with PEOPLE. "I just had no idea that at the very same time, I was literally grinding my right hip down to the bone. There were times when I could feel my hip locking up and grinding, but there was always the next show, you know?"

She grows quiet. "I just thought that to be human means that you live with pain."

Read the Full Story: https://people.com/country/lauren-jenkins-recovering-hip-replacement-surgery/

Lauren Preparing for Hip Replacement Surgery

[Source: https://www.youtube.com/c/LaurenJenkinsMusic/videos]


New Hip X-rays Following Total Hip Replacement

Lauren shared her post-operative xray featuring her new hip. Source: https://www.instagram.com/iamlaurenjenkins/
"Finally got to let this new scar breathe. She’s still a little angry and red and raw, but the incision has closed. The scar tissue around it is strong but sensitive. Crazy how the body can heal.PT has helped me a lot. I laid on the floor for the first time this week and almost started to cry. It’s still a big ordeal to get on the floor, but man it feels good.I usually write my songs on floor…. And not feeling that sense of grounding for almost 5 weeks has been strange.I’m getting around better on my cane and yesterday I had lunch with a friend and went grocery shopping without fainting or getting tunnel vision. I’m getting stronger and closer to feeling normal and I’m so grateful.Healing takes time. Whether it’s the heart, mind or body. It also takes a lot of work and most of the time requires help from the people you love. I’m really lucky to have people i love helping me right now.Whatever you’re going through… take it one day at a time loves. Be gentle with yourself and be okay with your scars. Healing is possible and it’s beautiful." - Lauren Jenkins

*Shared via @iamlaurenjenkins Instagram, April 1, 2022

Lauren shows-off her healing hip just 5 weeks following hip replacement surgery at 30 years old. Source: https://www.instagram.com/iamlaurenjenkins/

Dr. Calendine Explains Total Hip Replacement

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